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Our iOS game can be downloaded here now. Enjoy!

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The Cyrus Chronicles - Press Release

The Cyrus Chronicles press release is available now for download here.


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The Cyrus Chronicles - Approved For Release

We are proudly announce that our game will be available in a short while as it has been approved by Apple for release now.

There are probably more than 170 billion (1.7 × 1011) galaxies in the observable Universe

WALLPAPER of “The Cyrus Chronicles”

WALLPAPER of “The Cyrus Chronicles”

The Cyrus Chronicles - Game Synopsis

There was a time where the universe was a lonely stagnant place. At the furthest reaches of the universe lies a planet called Orion. For 500 millenia , Orion was surrounded by Vectors, the 7 elemental suns. As time past, Orion and Vectors no longer exist. No one really knows why.

Some says scarce fragments of the Orion planet in the form of asteriods landed on other solar systems around the universe and give birth to life and intelligent sentient beings. This is a story of a lifeform called Cyrus seeded the planet Earth in what we live in today.

The Cyrus Chronicles - Game Features

The following are some of the features in the game:

  • Ease of single touch gameplay

  • Variety of levels and enemies of different form

  • Colourful vibrant environment atmosphere

  • Challenging levels with precision, timing, stealth, trickery, etc.

  • Engaging sountrack

  • Play as Cyrus the micro organism from Orion

  • Alter the prehistoric course of the universe

  • Optimize for iPad retina display